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 About Me

My name is Dereck Willis, and I'm a graduate of NC State University. The past few years have been very dynamic times in my life. I am just an average guy trying to make a career in computers. Let me rephrase that. . .I am a computer "freak". My wife is convinced that I am plugged into the "Matrix" (makes sense if you've seen the movie). Yes, that's right, I'm a hardware and software geek. I really enjoy working with computers, and taking pictures! I also now offer Video Slide Shows, which incorporate pictures with background music and narration. Unlike standard slide shows, mine offer full motion (panning, scanning, etc). These videos make a great present for any family member and can be something to treasure for many generations to come. Sound interesting? See one of the demos I've posted.

Technology Guru

As far as technology products go, the computer is by far my favorite product. I have 2 laptops and 2 desktops. I mostly use my Fujitsu C-6581 laptop connected via 802.11b wireless network to my router and cable modem. This allows me to use the couch as my office. . .very cool, and very comfortable! I highly recommend the Fujitsu laptops for their excellent build quality and reliability. My newest desktop is a custom-built AMD Athlon 1700+ with over 200GB of storage and 1GB of DDR-RAM. It is a power-house! It works great for transferring videos, photo retouching and much more.

Digital Photography and More

Who would have ever thought that my purchase of a Nikon Coolpix 800 would stir so much interest (at least for me)? Believe it or not, my this is my first real camera! I have always had an "eye" for photography, but I do not possess the patience to wait for pictures to get developed. I purchased the Nikon in the fall of 1999 as a Christmas present for my wife and myself. I was immediately intrigued by the "instant gratification" that digital cameras provide. Before I knew it, I was having photos published in Digital Photographer and winning "Photo of the Day" on sites such as Steve's Digicams.

Now I am planning to expand my horizons by creating websites. Also check out my Video Slide Show and Photo Services. These are great methods of preserving priceless photos for future generations to enjoy! Who knows, maybe one day I'll be a full-time photographer, but for now I'll stick to doing what I know. If you have any questions about my pictures please contact me.

Thanks for visiting my website!

My Favorite Links
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- PCPhotoReview
Most of the activity on my website is centered on my new photo gallery. This gallery displays some examples of my photographs, taken over the last few years. See my latest additions.(>>)
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This site will be updated on a regular basis with new and exciting pictures, information, news and much more. Thanks for visiting!

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