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 Slide Show Videos

I also provide a service for making slide show videos. Why, might you ask would you need a slide show? Here are a few examples:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Anniversaries
  • Any Special Occasion, or
  • For converting those old family photos into digital format
  • I will soon devote an entire website to this service -

Family Heritage Videos
"Creating Priceless Memories"
(See Demo Below)


Imagine how you could cherish a wedding slide show, with photos of the bride and groom. . . everything from those baby pictures to high school graduation, proms, and more. Your wedding party and guests will enjoy learning more about the bride and groom, and you will have a copy to cherish forever!


Someone in your family turning 30, 50 or 100? There is no better gift than the gift of memories. I will convert your original photos to digital files for a presentation in a slide show. You can even add voice narration or have someone else tell funny stories about specific photos. Trust me, it will liven any birthday party!


High School, College, Grad School and more. Now you can really embarrass sons and daughters by showing all of those pictures taken throughout the years.

Any Special Occasion

Virtually any time you want to entertain guests for any special occasion, my slide shows will be the life of the party. 

(choose format below)

Click for slide show video!
Windows Media Format
Click for slide show video!
QuickTime Format
Click for slide show video!
Real Media Format

If you need one of the players, click on the respective logo for a free download from the company.

Get Windows Media Player

(If you are having problems viewing the videos above, try saving the file to your desktop. After it has downloaded, minimize your browser, then double click on the file on your desktop. The filesizes have been optimized for web use (160x120) and include audio. Obviously, the slide shows I create are of much higher quality (DVD quality 720x480). These videos are for demonstration only.)


Converting Prints to Digital Format

See the Photo Services page for more information.

More Information

Although I call these videos "slide shows", they are actually fully interactive, motion videos. Unlike a standard PowerPoint slide show, my videos have the ability to incorporate zooming, panning, desaturation, and much more. I use a professional video editing suite that allows video, still images, music, narration, and all the transitions to make it interesting.

Which format do you prefer? I now have the ability to put the videos on DVD, VHS, or CD-ROM. The DVD format is becoming the most popular, mainly because of it's archival life and superior picture quality. To see if your DVD player is compatible with my videos (about 95% are), check out the list here (look for DVD-R compatibility).

Due to the level of personalization, it is difficult to give generic price estimates. Please contact me and I'll explain the costs and details involved.


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